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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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They fixed my door locks

I don't know what was wrong with my security door locks but I couldn't lock well. I couldn't even close the door properly without pushing it hard. The greatest news I had all day was that the tech of Locksmith Palos Verdes Estates could come over for lock repair right away. This was very reassuring for my security and indeed the tech arrived fully equipped and fixed the problem. He didn't just fix the door locks but also tightened the door's hinges and advised me on how to take care of stuff like that. I really appreciated the good service and the tips.

Same day cabinet locks replacement

With kids in the house, we always keep some cabinets in the house locked. Though, with so many locks and keys, it's not strange that we lose control sometimes. This time, we had lost the key of the cabinet locks where we keep our medicine. It was really important that we'd open the cabinet and the assistance of Locksmith Palos Verdes Estates was amazing. One of the techs came over right away and replaced the entire lock. Since then we keep our keys organized in one drawer out of the reach of our children. Anyhow, the locksmith service was immediate and we really liked that.

Our Lock Was Worn and Old

“It became more and more difficult to use the lock on our front door. The keys would stick in it, and it resisted turning. We called your company to have a look at it, and you recommended changing it due to its state and age. We are very glad we got a new one—opening the door is much easier and quicker now, and there is no fear of breaking a key or getting frustrated when coming home. Thank you for helping us out—we will not hesitate to call again in the future if we need assistance with the lock again.”

Oscar Fox

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